I just want a place to call my own, friends I fit in with, and the job I love to remain mine. The only problem with getting what I want happens to be that I wasn’t born equipped with a penis. Men don’t want me working on their cars or bikes simply because I have breasts instead. Never mind that I’m the best damn mechanic in a 200-mile radius.

Even my own dad killed me with the “man clause” in his will when he died. Sure, I was given his shop, but it would revert to my brother’s name in six months unless I get married to a man who can run the shop beside me. That’s hard to do when the last man I dated ran out on me to do his own thing while I cared for my dying father. The women of S.H.E. are my only saving grace, and even they can’t save me from losing everything. 

Then there was the man waiting in the wings for me to lose it all. I couldn’t help wondering if the strength my dad wanted behind me was just a little bit of Steel.


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