Letters to Lily

Letters to Lily

It only took Sasha until college to finally get her long time best friend, Kade, to see her as more. She ended up with two months of spectacular memories and a baby on the way to show for her efforts. When she went to tell Kade the news he was already gone. As in, moved across the country without saying a word before she could even tell him, gone. 


Kade's family drama, and a string of bad luck, had him flying to Vegas and then stuck there for months afterward while cleaning up their messes. Rumors reached him that his long time best friend, and the love of his life, was seen in the arms of another guy. As if the family drama wasn't enough to sink him, a broken heart damn near destroyed what was left. 


After months of communication failures, rumors, and broken hearted longing Kade and Sasha run into one another again, literally, in a diner off campus. 

The problem... Kade sees just how very pregnant Sasha is, and she sees him with his arms around another woman.

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